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Author Rocky Lang discuses the genesis of Letters From Hollywood.

Author Barbara Hall discusses Letters From Hollywood

Author Rocky Lang talks about finding the letters.
David Wyler talks about William Wyler and The Best Years of Our Lives.

Dominic Stefano talks about his father and the writing of  Psycho.

David Ladd talks about his father Alan Ladd's letter to director George Stevens regarding Shane.
Sara Karloff talks about her father's superstitions.
Michael Berman talks about his father Pandro and Ginger Rogers.
Charlie Matthau talks about his father Walter Matthau's letter, and the movie The Fortune Cookie. 
Wyatt McCrea talks about his grandfather, Joel McCrea, the making of Ride the High Country, and his admiration for director Sam Peckinpah..
Bela Lugosi Jr. discusses his fathers letter and the importance of getting the role of Dracula.
Alex Mankiewicz talks about the letter from her father Joseph Mankiewicz who wrote to Darryl F. Zanuck about the movie All About Eve.
Mary Johnston talks about her mother, Virginia Mayo's early career and The Best Years of Our Lives. 
Joan Peat talks about her grandmother, Hedda Hopper, and her disdain for Citizen Kane